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Pattons Law

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.


Square One art, design n science believes in client-friendly approach coupled with total client satisfaction.

Square One art, design n science provides total creative solutions for a programmed interior and has a team of dedicated consultants, efficient contractors & other trade members to full fill all the requirements of the client at ease.

By “Programmed Interior” we mean a specific intended purpose or use of the built environment and seeks to encompass the conceptual planning, aesthetics and technical solutions applied to achieve the desired results.

The elements of the design range from the visual (color, lighting, form) to the tactile (surface, texture) to the auditory (noise, echo). At Square One we understand how people use and respond to these elements, not just individually but as the elements interact with one another.

What is required today is an understanding of the concepts so that infinite ways of employing them in changing context may be experimented by the designers. The critical for the design of interior spaces, landscapes etc. can be distilled as follows:

  • Response to built space (principals of design).

  • Form & Centre.

  • Natural environment & symbols.

  • Significance of orientation.

  • Importance of cosmology in life of people.

  • Importance of shape, color & size of the built form.